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In-Person and Virtual Exhibition




This page guides you in the steps needed to submit your artwork to the Artists Council Fall 2021 Exhibition and Sale: NEXUS.  To review the prospectus for this exhibition, please click here.


All current members of the Artists Council are welcome to submit one piece of artwork for this open exhibition. If you are not a member but would like to enter this exhibition, we invite you to join the Artists Council via our online membership application form.

You are allowed one primary image for your artwork. One optional secondary image is also allowed, particularly for 3D or sculptural work; it should be either a side view or detail of your primary image. Your images should be in JPG format, and should be 5MB or less in size. For more info on our image guidelines, which are the same for this exhibition as for the Member Gallery, and for some helpful tips on image preparation in general, click here:

There are three easy steps in the process to submit your artwork to this exhibition:

1. First, pay the $35 administrative/entry fee, by clicking on this button. Remember, you must be a member to enter!​

2. You will receive a payment acknowledgment by email from the Artists Council – it will be sent to the email address you used during checkout from your payment above. This acknowledgment contains a registration number.  Note your registration number as you will need to enter it in the final step as proof of payment.

reg number graphic.jpeg

Please Note:  When you pay your entry fee for NEXUS online, the registration number you receive back is NOT related to your position in line for the first 150 entries. But paying your registration fee alone does not guarantee your entry. Your submission will only be recorded when you complete step #3, the entry of your artwork image and package.


3. Return to this page, then submit your artwork image and your full package of artwork information (including your payment registration number) by clicking this button.

That’s it! You should receive another confirmation via email that your artwork submission to NEXUS has been received.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Artists Council at

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