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Artists Council Policies
Artists Center at the Galen

Use of the Artists Center for Individual Sales and Promotion

  • The Artists Council wants every artist member to be as successful as possible, and toward that end, the AC sponsors exhibitions that promote our artists and connect artists with the community. At the same time, the Artists Council uses revenue generated by the exhibitions to support our nonprofit organization and help underwrite our beautiful facility, staff and overhead expenses. In other words, we strive to provide great opportunities for artists while also remaining financially viable.

  • The Artists Center gallery is both a member and a public space – a place for artists to show their works in a group setting and also to connect through exhibitions and shows with prospective buyers and the community at large.

  • Artists are free to meet friends and potential buyers at the gallery any time during an exhibition to view and talk about work that is on display and about their work in general. They also are encouraged to invite friends and potential buyers to the opening receptions or to visit the Artists Center during their “gallery host” times.

  • However, the Artists Center is not a commercial gallery. Artists may not bring additional works from their studios to show potential buyers at the gallery.

  • Artists may not leave stacks of business cards, brochures, or other material promoting their artwork at the Artists Center. However, they may provide ONE (1) business card for display in a binder of artist contact information at the front desk.

  • In accordance with privacy concerns, Artists Center staff, Gallery Hosts, and Galen Ambassadors will not provide personal information about artist members. Rather, they will direct buyers interested in contacting a particular artist to go to the online Member Gallery or the current exhibition gallery featured on our website. They will also suggest that buyers send an email to to ask any special questions.



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