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AC Critique Group: Free Member Event
- via Zoom!

All Artists Council members are welcome to participate in the Critique Group, held on the second Thursday of each month on Zoom.


You can come to observe, give feedback, and/or share a piece. Due to the Powerpoint format we use to share artwork, it seems to work best if you only share one piece. If it is horizontal it will fill the entire frame.  If it is vertical, however, you can also send a vertical detail image. If you want to include a short movie of the surface you can do that as well. 


Each artwork will be up for 5-10 minutes, depending upon the number of participants.  You can speak about your artwork and then others can give feedback.  After 5-10 minutes we will move onto the next person’s work.  

The Critique Group is led jointly by Super Volunteers Chris Cozen and Cheryl Waale.  Contact Chris at or Cheryl at for more information or to have your name added to the Critique Group mailing list.

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