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Artist Member Highlight

April 2021

Emeline Tate is a British artist and designer who grew up on the South Coast of England. After Art School, she received a degree in Fashion Design. While working for the creative fashion company Ted Baker as a Technical Designer, she realized she had a need to create for herself. So, in her spare time, she would create fun contemporary art pieces inspired by her childhood memories. In 1999, she had a first exhibition at her own home for fun and invited family and friends. Within a few years, she had done over 20 pop-up art shows around London.  She showed her art in small gallery spaces, bars and restaurants.


In 2005, Emeline got married to her soulmate and moved to California and was able to work on her art fulltime. She had her first group art show in Palm Springs in 2008 at Janssen Art Space. Then, in 2010, her husband had a job opportunity in Canada. Leaving her art behind in Palm Springs was very difficult. To continue to be creative, she started manipulating photos of her original artwork with Photoshop. She discovered that she enjoyed making prints using her art as a starting point. She began to use print-on-demand companies for fun. Other companies then reached out to her, and so she started licensing her prints on a wide variety of products.


After winning two print competitions with the company Printed Village, she was invited by that company to go to New York. This was to film an episode of “The Profit” with Marcus Lemonis with her famous geometric print that one of his companies wanted as a swimsuit. The following year, she won the Threadless Accelerator Award, including a financial grant to help boost her art business.


Emeline and her husband decided to return to Palm Springs in 2018. Since moving back, she has had several successful art shows. She is particularly happy that her studio space located next to the family home is now back up and running. While working in it, she says she feels like she has returned to her happy place.


Says Emeline:  “I believe that art does not always have to be flat, and it does not always have to be on walls. Sometimes I like to paint in blocks of color or stencil colors using handmade stencils. I also like to use plaster casts and compose my casts on canvas. I work in a minimal and clean way. My work is almost childlike and naïve, but my pieces are created in a well thought-out way. My original art works are inspired by memories or stories. In particular, I create art that is connected to the games and toys I played with as a child. Or I create art pieces using words either by hand stenciling them or by making 3D letters. The words I use are from my notebooks that I have written in over the years. Recently I have decided to choose happy and positive sentences from my London notebooks for my latest word pieces.

Why I joined the Artist Council

 When I returned to Palm Springs, I had the need to be part of an artist community. The Artists Council helped me do just that.

Regarding the Bench Project

 I was honored to be part of the bench beautification program. My design was inspired by my 3D letter artwork and the rainbow colors that I have used in my artwork for more than 20 years. Local poet Alex Gildzen kindly wrote a poem especially for the bench, which we call “The Poet’s Bench.”


On a bench in town

I watch the world dance by

Which makes my smile

Spring above the palms

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 March 2021

The Artists Council Board of Directors recognizes ULRIKE for her tireless efforts to communicate and assist our AC members in her role as Director of Communications and Member Programs and for her ever-evolving works of art.

ULRIKE, born in Salzburg, Austria, was always attracted to art and music. At 16, she was accepted into the Design Academy in Salzburg, which mostly teaches fabric patterns and fashion. At 19, she joined a Top40 band as a singer, worked as a tour manager and record promoter, and toured throughout Europe for 10 years, enjoying the diverse cultures and freedom this lifestyle allowed her.


ULRIKE came to the United States in 1981. She worked in the entertainment industry for a major studio in Hollywood, California, for nearly 20 years. Her work included large scale events, such as the World Stuntmen Awards, Hot 100, MTV Music Awards, Democratic Convention (four events for Bill Clinton), movie premieres, TV show wrap parties (yes, she met her husband of 29 years at the Cheers wrap party - you all remember that show?) and corporate functions. She also curated a monthly art exhibit at Paramount Studio’s dining room for several years.

In 2011, she left the studios and decided to write articles for inspirational magazines about her metaphysical passion, which

she has studied for many years. Over 80 printed articles and 5 published inspirational books later, she continues to teach metaphysical workshops locally. From 2011 to 2013, she was also a contributing writer for the Los Angeles Examiner.


Even though her passion for painting and drawing started in early childhood, it was not until she moved to Palm Springs, California, that she finally fulfilled her dream of being a full-time visual artist.
ULRIKE works mostly with acrylics and texture on canvas, enjoys collage work, paints whimsical 3D objects, and loves bright vibrant colors for her many nature and wildlife-inspired paintings. In this
artistically rich environment of the Coachella Valley, she continues her creative journey. She is frequently featured in galleries, art shows and community exhibitions throughout the region.


ULRIKE is one of the artists chosen for the Idyllwild Deer Project where her fawn Opal is part of the City’s installation. Opal is featured in the dining area of Cafe Aroma. ULRIKE was also elected to be an artist for the Heart for Hope Fundraiser at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital in Indio, which was exhibited at Heather James Gallery and CODA Gallery, Palm Desert, and which raised money for this good cause. Two of her large paintings are permanently installed at the new Loma Linda Children’s Clinic in Riverside.


ULRIKE serves on the Board of the Artists Council as Director of Communications and Member Programs. She loves the business side of art as much as the creative side. She contributes her experience to all scheduled exhibitions, community outreach programs, and is part of the Education Committee and the AC Tech Team.

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February 2021

We thank Aleta Jacobson for her active involvement in the

Artists Council's Education Team.

Aleta Jacobson is an award-winning collage, acrylic and mixed media artist living and working in Southern California. Aleta’s love for artistic expression developed at an early age. The child of a highly creative family, Aleta’s earliest tools were crayons and her brother’s art books.


As a student, Aleta leaned more toward artistic pursuits, often skipping other classes to hang out in her art

teacher’s room, washing brushes and making art with

scraps that other students didn’t want. Aleta studied

art at Riverside City College, Citrus Community College,

and California Polytechnic University at Pomona. She received a certificate in Graphic Design in 1975. Before college, she studied art in Europe for two months. Aleta began creating commissioned art in the 1970’s for friends and loved ones.


Aleta is now a working artist, instructor, and designer who specializes in creating powerful collage, mixed media, watercolors, and acrylic paintings using a variety of tools

and materials, including art tissues that she stains by hand. Aleta is inspired by life events, current events, nature, and the environment. While her work is predominantly abstract

in nature, she still seeks to allow the viewer's imagination

to find familiar images and themes.


She creates her work using the same basic design

principles and structure that collage artists have

traditionally used. Each piece typically evolves from

a thought, a vision, a memory, a photograph or a scrap

of paper that moves her.


She counts many of the great 20th Century Collage and Mixed Media artists -- such as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Robert Motherwell, Nathan Oliveira, Richard Diebenkorn, Kurt Schwitters, Raymond Saunders, and Gerald Brommer -- as influential and inspirational to her work.

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