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Artists Council
Artist Member Highlight

April 2023

The Artists Council salutes Gail Stewart
Winner of a Juror's Award at our Artists Council Exhibition (ACE) in February 2023

My name is Gail Stewart and I consider myself an amateur photographer.  I am grateful to the Artists Council for allowing the opportunity to show my work.


I grew up in Michigan, where I met my husband and soul mate Bill.  We have lived in California since 2001.  


Although I’ve always loved photography, my career was as a pediatric emergency medicine physician.  Since retirement I have been able to devote more time to photography and travel.  I am now a student of photography, and actively participate in camera clubs and workshops. My favorite subjects are wild animals and landscapes.  I especially love  to capture animals interacting with each other. 


Currently I volunteer at the Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center several days a week.  There, we 

rehabilitate injured, sick or baby birds with the goal of releasing them back to the wild.  



Gail mug_edited.png

I am grateful for the Artists Council and their support of artists.  There are so many talented artists in our community, and the Artists Center at the Galen gallery is a wonderful venue to display art.  

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March 2023

The Artists Council salutes member Steve Ohlrich
Winner of a Juror's Award at our Artists Council Exhibition (ACE) in Feb 2023

Steve Ohlrich is an artist from Chicago, Illinois, and currently makes his home with his family in Palm Desert, California.

After receiving a BFA in studio art at the University of Illinois at Chicago, he received a certificate of completion from The School of Representational Art in Chicago, which is a school of academic realism.

More recently, he earned a Master’s degree in art education from Texas Tech University. For the past 20 plus years, he has worked as a painter and art educator.

Steve has exhibited internationally and will have a digitized version of his painting, “The Passage,” (which was displayed in the 2023 ACE at the Artists Center at the Galen) placed in a time capsule on the moon’s surface with 12,000 other creative professionals from around the world.

He is represented by Bruce Lurie Gallery in Pacific Palisades, and also at Bruce Lurie's location in Park City, Utah. In addition, Steve is represented by 33 Contemporary Gallery based in Chicago. As a teacher, he has taught at the college level, and currently teaches at Xavier College Prep High School in Palm Desert.

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S.Ohlrich - archer.jpeg

February 2023

The Artists Council recognizes Eric H. Law

Winner of a Juror's Award at our Artists Council Exhibition in Feb 2023

S.Ohlrich-bubbles on grass.jpeg

Making art has always been an integral part of Eric H.Law's life/work.  As a teenager living in New York City in the 1970s, he learned the art of silk-screen printing from a local artist, designing and producing posters for community organizations in the East Village. Another mentor of his was an artist who was determined to teach teenagers about conceptual art. Most of the kids didn’t get it, but it stuck with Eric. The idea of incorporating the viewers as part of the art driven by a concept was fascinating to him and would continue to influence his life/work.

In the 1980s, he studied photography and multi-media production at the Catholic University of Lyon, France. He returned to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to get a Master's degree in theology. While there, he helped create an artist community, which put on a monthly art show at the seminary library. Combining conceptual art and installation, he created an annual solo exhibit of photographs, monotypes on glass and a multi-media installation incorporating his music and photo projection.
Working in Los Angeles in the 1990-2000s, Eric used the installation art form to engage diverse communities to explore community concerns such as racism and sustainability. One of his most important works during this period was 'Photolanguage': Interactions, which is a temporary installation of 48 black-and-white photographs creating a space for brave and insightful dialogue. Hundreds of 'Photolanguage': Interactions have been acquired by people who had been trained to do the installation. At any given week, there is someone offering a 'Photolanguage' installation to create community dialogue across the U.S. and Canada. 

S.Ohlrich - dreamer.jpeg
Image 4-6-23 at 11.57 AM.jpeg

From the 2000s on, working with his brother, Horatio Hung-Yan Law, also an installation artist and photographer, Eric created many more community-based temporary installations involving local community members in the making, installing and experiencing the community-enhancing work they helped create. 
Since his retirement two years ago from running the Kaleidoscope Institute, a non-profit that he founded, Eric has been able to devote more time to making art and music.  As a singer-songwriter, he has released 3 new albums of original songs. (


As a member of the Artists Council, Eric has presented smaller scale conceptual installations that create spaces around the wall pieces with which the viewers were invited to interact, engaging their minds and bodies, becoming part of the art. He hopes to create more art pieces that engage and build local communities in the coming years.

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