Artists Council

Artist Member Highlight

February 2021

We thank Aleta Jacobson for her active involvement in the

Artists Council's Education Team.

Aleta Jacobson is an award-winning collage, acrylic and mixed media artist living and working in Southern California. Aleta’s love for artistic expression developed at an early age. The child of a highly creative family, Aleta’s earliest tools were crayons and her brother’s art books.


As a student, Aleta leaned more toward artistic pursuits, often skipping other classes to hang out in her art

teacher’s room, washing brushes and making art with

scraps that other students didn’t want. Aleta studied

art at Riverside City College, Citrus Community College,

and California Polytechnic University at Pomona. She received a certificate in Graphic Design in 1975. Before college, she studied art in Europe for two months. Aleta began creating commissioned art in the 1970’s for friends and loved ones.


Aleta is now a working artist, instructor, and designer who specializes in creating powerful collage, mixed media, watercolors, and acrylic paintings using a variety of tools

and materials, including art tissues that she stains by hand. Aleta is inspired by life events, current events, nature, and the environment. While her work is predominantly abstract

in nature, she still seeks to allow the viewer's imagination

to find familiar images and themes.


She creates her work using the same basic design

principles and structure that collage artists have

traditionally used. Each piece typically evolves from

a thought, a vision, a memory, a photograph or a scrap

of paper that moves her.


She counts many of the great 20th Century Collage and Mixed Media artists -- such as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Robert Motherwell, Nathan Oliveira, Richard Diebenkorn, Kurt Schwitters, Raymond Saunders, and Gerald Brommer -- as influential and inspirational to her work.

January 2021

The Artists Council appreciates Diane Moore for her active involvement in our organization, as well as for her leadership and guidance to the broader artistic community here in the Coachella Valley.



Diane Moore is a woman of many talents who has worn more than a few hats in her lifetime. After years working in real estate, she decided to become a competitive ballroom dancer even finishing her last year of competition with a Gold level 1st place in 9 different dances!


Diane was asked to return to real estate to work as a consultant to the cellular industry and moved her dance career down a notch to social dance so she could do both as she traveled around the US. Diane says of those years that “It was a fantastic time of life!”


Diane took her first art class in ninth grade and fell in love. One of her ink drawings was hung in the local Savings & Loan that year. That affirmation was so important to her personally that it is one of the reasons she gets involved in artistic endeavors all over the valley for both youth and adults alike. She still loves ink drawing and especially loves teaching it to those who think they cannot draw! Many of our membership have benefitted from her apt tutelage.


After moving to the Coachella Valley in 2002, Diane rediscovered her love of art in a Senior Center class. She has not stopped since! Diane has been involved with the Artists Council for many years as well as many other organizations such as the Coachella Valley Watercolor Society where she served as Membership chair, Workshop chair, and President twice! In addition, Diane was recently President of the Desert Art Center as well as serving simultaneously as the Fundraising Chair.


Diane Moore has more ideas than most! Her most recent venture is to create Desert Plein Air Association for the desert region which would be open to all artistic mediums including photography! It has been a dream of her for several years. Recently she has been working closely with the current restoration of Shumway Ranch to bring this to realization and wants to put the Coachella Valley “on the map” for plein air painters across the nation by hosting an annual festival here in the community.


Diane enjoys plein air painting, and has traveled to Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern California well as Italy for painting venues! She paints in watercolors and acrylics, sometimes combining them with ink and other water media. Her subjects include landscapes, seascapes, florals, western scenes, and people.


She has won many awards, has the honor of having one of her paintings hanging in the Coachella Valley Cultural Museum, and has many paintings held in private collection.




December 2020

Born in Los Angeles in 1956, Kersteen Anderson is a painter whose work captures the emotional energy of personal transformation through line and color. Recently, her work has explored the structures and forms inherent in the built environment, specifically construction framing as it relates to our notion of space and our human form in that space.


Anderson's fascination with art began as a small child, and she painted, drew and created Fiber Art for many years before setting her brushes aside to raise her family and, in later years, to create a successful decorative paint contracting company. Though she wasn’t actively making fine art work during those years, she focused on decorative, furniture and specialty finishes, becoming known for her innovative use of color and mastery of complex finishes. Her company also established a leadership program for its female painting staff, realizing higher skillsets in the field and increased confidence on a job site.


A Fine Arts degree from Cal State University/Long Beach in 1980, post graduate work at the Isabel O’Neil Foundation Studio in New York City, and painting experiences in television, theater and public entertainment all paved the way for Anderson to showcase her work in some of the most noteworthy residences and public spaces in the world. She has studied with such celebrated artists as John Lincoln, Nancy Hillis, Steven Forster, Pamela Caughey and Nicholas Wilton. Exhibitions: "Desert Art Center Winter Show 2019" "Artists Council/UCR 2019" “Salton Sea/Climate Change. Finding Solutions” - 2019


Anderson is a member of Desert Art Center, Artists Council, Desert Watercolor Society and Morongo Basin Arts Council. Currently, she is working on a private commission and preparing a body of work for future exhibition. She lives in Palm Desert with her husband.


"The Artists Council represents a like-minded community that one year ago, when I decided to close my contract and decorative painting business and devote myself full time to my art, was there for me. I have met many fellow artists who, frankly, because of my involvement in the construction world here in the valley, I did not even know were here! I love the various activities and focus groups, and the opportunity to contribute and learn." -- K. Anderson