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August 2022

Barbara Eberhart is known for her large-scale florals in blended oil paint, large wall murals, and her uplifting teaching style. Barbara is devoted to bringing joy and beauty to her collectors and students through her paintings and classes and believes in art as a spiritual experience that nourishes the soul.

Barbara earned her BFA from California State University, Sacramento before moving to Hawaii, where she lived and painted for 32 years, with her artwork becoming part of Hawaii’s permanent state collection.

In 2014, Barbara relocated to Santa Barbara, California, where her paintings were featured in many solo and juried exhibits. She taught art through Santa Barbara City College, going online throughout the 2020 pandemic. Many students say her zoom classes got them through that challenging time!

In 2021, Barbara moved to Palm Desert. Passing on her love for art has always been important to Barbara, and currently she enjoys teaching classes and workshops at Create Center for the Arts, Desert Art Center, and the Artists Council at the Galen. This Fall she will present her favorite art history class at the Artists Council, called “Close Encounters with Artists”. Barbara Eberhart is inspired to continue teaching and creating art work as warm and wonderful as her new desert home.

What the Artists Council means to me:

I love the Artists Council! One of the first things I did when I moved to Palm Desert was to join the Palm Springs Museum of Art. Being previously the parent location of the Artists Council, it’s no wonder the AC is so organized, dynamic and forward-looking as it is!

And although the grounds of the Galen are beautiful and inviting, even more I am loving the artists, staff and volunteers I’ve met there and the numerous exhibits, classes and events they hold. What a gift to our community!

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The Artists Council recognizes Barbara Eberhart for her new role as Facilities Coordinator at the Artists Center.

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July 2022 

The Artists Council salutes member Marvin Basham
for his volunteer time on duty at the Artists Center.


MARVIN BASHAM is an artist who works extensively with mixed media, 2D recycled materials, found objects, drawings and photography.

From an early age Marvin was inspired by architecture, and he still is inspired by floorplans, perspective drawings and structural skeletal images which can make for visual sculpture. Deconstruction and chaos are also catalysts for his creative vision. He strives to achieve boldness, depth and dimension.

What the Artists Council means to me: "While living in Long Beach I volunteered at the ArtXchange Long Beach, then a non-profit organization which was acquired by 'The Long Beach Museum of Art', now the 'The Long Beach Museum of Art Downtown'. The experience of being in the gallery space before, during, and after is exhilarating to me. So, when I came to the Artists Center at the Galen during early shows, after the pandemic, I realized this is a place to be engaged in art, the public and with other talented artists in the desert."

You can contact Marvin Basham at

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June 2022 

JUDY NEMER SKLAR is a professional artist, writer, and educator, residing in Palm Desert, California. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Chapman University, Orange, California, and
her Master of Arts from California State University Dominquez Hills.  Along the way, she has been the proud recipient of grants and scholarships, has shown her art in numerous galleries, has won regional and national juried art awards and has been showcased in magazines
and brochures.

She paints with bold, bright watercolors on heavy paper and canvas and often incorporates pen and ink, crayons, and colored pencils, inspired by fleeting images, fabrics, conversations, a
poem, and a song.

In 2018 she developed an educational, mindful creative workshop program entitled “Embracing A Creative Life Workshops for Health and Wellness." Currently Sklar teaches this workshop in both large and small venues including wellness retreats, resorts and spas, hospitals and organizations including Riverside County Office of Education, Eisenhower Medical Center and the Annenberg Foundation at Sunnylands.

Her art and writing have been featured in both art and wellness magazines, and she is currently researching a book based on interviews with mid-life successful artists entitled “Artists
Narratives." During the pandemic, Sklar posted sketches daily on social media, culminating in an art and writing project entitled “#6FeetApart@2020” - a view of the artist’s life during Covid 19.


In addition, Ms. Sklar has just completed the illustrations for an upcoming children’s journal to be published this year by Well Beings Studio, entitled “I Am Enough."


I have always been actively involved in a variety of art community programs, from being a docent at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Program Coordinator for the Los Angeles Arts Council, and a past Artists Council Board Member at the Palm Springs Art Museum.  It has been exciting to watch how the Artists Council has grown!


My goal is to expand my classes, to continue to learn, to teach, to always paint and write. I look forward to the year ahead and all of the exciting changes happening at the Artists Center at the Galen and with the Artists Council in general.

The Artists Council recognizes Judy Sklar for her 

educational efforts supporting the Artists Council.

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