Artists Council Artist Member Highlight

November 2020

Being involved in "these organizations (such as the Artists Council) and working on various committees is a great way to meet other artists."
                               -- Pat Kodet

Pat Kodet is an experienced and accomplished artist who has taught adults and children both in schools and privately. She started selling her work in galleries in the San Francisco Bay Area after graduating from San Jose State University with a BA in Fine Art. She has exhibited her art for some 40 years.
Moving to the Coachella Valley in 2007, Pat joined the Palm Springs Art Museum and the Artists Council.  She was accepted into two Artists Council art exhibitions, the Artists Council 39th Annual National and the 12th Annual ACE. She has volunteered on two art boards in addition to the Artists Council, and has served as President of the Coachella Valley Watercolor Society. She continues to be involved in these organizations by working on various committees. “It is a great way to meet other artists,” says Pat.
Pat developed Think Art Now, a sequential and comprehensive set of art lessons for Grades 1-6. She co-chaired the 2016 CAEA (California Art Educators Association) conference at UCR, Palm Desert for art educators. She hired many Artists Council members to teach 1-day Master Classes.
Along with paint, Pat works with Photoshop, Illustrator, and a few other graphic programs. Last year she was introduced to an app called Procreate, which works with an Apple pencil and iPad. After using Corel Painter and Intuit Tablets, Pat loves the ease in drawing complicated images with Procreate. Her digital artwork "Illusive Butterfly" (see below) was showcased in the AC's very first 360-degree virtual exhibition (Illusions, which ran through the month of October 2020), and her digital collage “Flowers and Music Tonight” is now hanging in the Artists Council’s new virtual Member Gallery on the AC website.
Pat enjoys being part of the Artists Council because it is a wonderful group of artists meeting for exhibitions, workshops, inspirations, and friendships. She will be teaching a series of Artists Council classes in Procreate starting in January and February 2021.

October 2020

For Rosanne Knoepfle, art has always had a presence in my life story but it took an Art History class at Hartford College for Women to awaken my interest in the great works of art. My formal training really began through a circuitous route beginning in New York City with employment as a Stewardess with American Airlines and then a 7.5-year residency in The Netherlands. 

The opportunity to encounter Rembrandt, Frans Hals,  Vermeer, Van Gogh, and to say nothing about visits to outstanding museums throughout Europe and England...this is where I could brass rub at Westminster Abbey.

With a corporate move to California after 10 years in Houston, Texas (where I took classes in Calligraphy), I made a decision to earn a BFA at Cal State Fullerton.  This was not an easy task with a family intact at home. Frankly, it was scary being with young people and learning a new skill...the use of computers. 

My work at Cal State just naturally moved in the direction of representational Still Life.  My professors, knowing of my years in Holland,  felt it was a natural progression for me and pretty much left me to develop this genre in my own style. Let's not forget that at the height of the Renaissance, Southern Europe was doing religious painting and Holland was painting interiors of their homes and the abundance of their wealth...thus, the Still Life.

My painting skills developed quickly and my work began to show at various juried shows throughout  Southern California and one foray at a women's gallery in Chicago.  My early work represented by the "Still Life With Red Shoes" contained feminist content painted in oils, my preferred medium. I was taught to think of content in my work...what do you the artist want to say and how are you going to say it? So much problem-solving! 

After college, I took my art studies into Interior Design and, with success in that field, my painting took a back creative ideas mainly flowing in a design direction. In 2014, two years into retirement, I gradually made my way back to California from Connecticut to be closer to my two daughters and grandchildren.  Once settled, I became involved with the Palm Springs Art Museum as an Ambassador in addition to Membership Intake Coordinator...a position interviewing new volunteers and, as a new member of the Artists Council, was able to refer people to the organization.  My art skills were pretty rusty but with the help of this amazing group of artists, I am developing and becoming more confident in my work. This is a very unselfish group that steps up to help whenever possible. Need I say that I am honored to be asked to be a Featured Artist this month, considering the amazingly talented artists in our group?!

September 2020

Terry Anderson has immersed himself in art and architecture for most of his life.  

Raised in the suburbs of Chicago, childhood memories include numerous visits to the Chicago Art Institute and antique auctions. Early college studies, in the Chicago area, included formal art instruction. Heading to San Diego as a young adult, Terry’s interests expanded deeper into architecture and construction. 

While a career as owner of a surgical instrument business and medical hospital materials manager kept him very busy, Terry managed to simultaneously restore and remodel a half dozen vintage and architecturally significant homes in the last three decades. Once retired from his medical career, Terry yearned to focus once again on his art.  

Moving to Palm Springs in 2017, Terry established his personal studio and workshop which has served as catalyst for his continued art journey. The Artist’s Studio space in the Coachella Valley establishes a geographic point of reference for inspiration.  

Terry is influenced by Abstract and Impressionistic art. The extraordinary light and color of the desert, where he currently resides, has sparked his imagination and inspires his creative process.


Current creations include his assemblage pieces of wood and acrylic paint, representing a three dimensional exploration in color and textural depth. Energized by the interplay of mixing angular materials with color, he fabricates a wood format with a variety of textural depths.


Over the past five years Terry has exhibited in San Diego and the Palm Springs area.Terry joined the Artist Council in 2016.  


He appreciates the great opportunities, activities and friendships. His website can be viewed at: