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Artists Council – THE STORE 

Introducing a Retail Gift Store at the

Artists Council at the Galen

72-567 Hwy 111 in Palm Desert, California

 Opening Reception: Friday, September 8, 4 to 6pm



Submission deadline:  AUGUST 1, 2023

(Please note: This is a permanent Store, not a Pop-up)


Dear Artist Council Members,

Due to the success of our previous Pop-up Store last year, the Artists Council is happy to announce our permanent retail store (aka THE STORE) opening in September 2023.


If you are interested in your art being included in this specialty boutique store, offering high-quality, unique, handmade member art to our visitors, please read the information carefully. An overview of what to expect in the selection process (with due dates) is included, and a link to fill out the application is provided below.


In general:

  • The Selection Committee will review your entries and select artists to participate on an individual basis.

  • Once the artists have been selected, we will then ask for more detailed information about each art item you are proposing. The Selection Committee will review these proposals and make final Art Item selections.

  • Our store management team might be visiting your studio to see the inventory in person. Site visits will be pre-arranged.


  • The Application Link for THE STORE will be available via this prospectus made available on 6/22/23. See link below.

  • Deadline for the first round of submissions is 8/01/23.

  • All items will be on consignment.

  • Accepted artists will be notified by 8/15/23.

  • Product delivery will be on 8/29/23 and 8/30/23, between 9am and 11am.

  • Acceptable items are:

    • Paper: includes note cards (should be blank inside and have appropriate acetate sleeves for protection), gift tags, journals, book art and other items made of paper.

    • Prints or Small Works: (any medium) on paper, canvas sheets, etc. (prints not to exceed 20”x20”, not framed, not on canvas or gessoboard; other small works not to exceed 12"x12"). Prints must be in protective, clear plastic sheets, ready for sale.

    • Books or Publications: written or illustrated by the artist.

    • Artful Home Decor: Pottery, sculpture, glass, metal and wood objects are included in this category and must be original designs. All artwork must be original art created by the artist submitting the work. Artwork must be “ready to sell” and stand on its own. Tableware items must meet California regulations for food safety and include use and care instructions.

    • Jewelry Art: Please describe the medium, i.e., metal, beads, etc. carefully.

    • Wearable Art: Appropriate labels with fabric content and care must accompany the piece.



            1. Submit your Artist Application to THE STORE by clicking


            2. Include a photo of your artwork with your application.

            3. Please follow the instructions carefully!



  • If you are not a member of the Artists Council, you need to join in order to participate in THE STORE. Please do so by going to

  • If your membership has lapsed, please go to, click on "Member Portal" in the top navigation bar, then log in and renew your membership before submitting your entry.



After your selection as a STORE artist, the Selection Committee will review your proposed items, retail ticket the items (per the agreed retail price) and merchandise the items for sale in THE STORE.



By submitting to the Artists Council’s THE STORE, the artist acknowledges and agrees that he/she:

  • Has read and agrees to all conditions of entry.

  • Releases rights for use of images of his/her artwork in any ArtistsCouncil promotional and marketing materials.

  • The artist is responsible for insurance for his/her artwork.

  • All exhibiting artists will be required to sign a liability waiver at the time

       of filling out the application.

  • The Artists Council reserves the right to refuse any artwork that is not

       of acceptable quality, does not match the submitted entry image, or

       does not meet framing or finishing criteria, or any other requirements

       stated above.


  • Pricing is between $5 - $1500. The artist/AC split is 50%/50%.             Please note: No change to the sale price will be made after the Consignment Purchase Order is processed.

  • The artwork retail price MUST be the same as on your website or         otherwise promoted.

  • Payment for items sold will be accounted for and distributed on a monthly basis.


  • Artist will be responsible for delivering the selected items to the Artists Council at the Galen.  

  • Please proof your entry details carefully!                                                NO SUBSTITUTIONS WILL BE ALLOWED!

  • Once items are delivered and received at the Artists Center, they must remain at in THE STORE at the Artists Council for the minimum duration of 4 months.

  • The AC will ticket the items prior to placing the items on the selling floor.

  • Delivery dates are Tuesday 8/29/2023 and Wednesday 8/30/2023 between 9am and 11am. If flexibility in drop-off time is necessary, please contact us so it can be arranged.



If you have STORE-related questions, please contact

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