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Artist Directory Prospectus



After looking at prohibitively high printing costs, we have re-imagined the Membership Book project into an online Artist Directory, which will be available through our website,

The new Artist Directory also replaces the Member Gallery, which will be closing at the end of March, 2024.  The purpose of the Artist Directory is to further expose our artists to our visitors, and to online art enthusiasts.  The Artist Directory provides better exposure to the public than the Member Gallery did.  Unlike the Member Gallery, visitors to the Artist Directory can contact the artist directly, and sales are handled directly between the artist and the customer. 


In addition, participating artists can update their Artist Directory entry as often as needed within their subscription year, at no additional cost for each update.


Eligibility and Costs


All artist members of the Artists Council are eligible to participate in the Artist Directory. 

Artist Directory entries cost $35 for a 1-year subscription.  Your Artist Directory entry will continue to be visible on our website, as long as your Artists Council Membership remains current, and you continue to renew your Artist Directory subscription each year. 


Note that (just like the Member Gallery) your Artists Council Membership and your Artist Directory entry may have different expiration dates, depending on when you sign up for each.  You will receive separate renewal notices by email for your annual membership and for your Artist Directory subscription.



What can you include in your Artist Directory entry?


Each Artist Directory entry will contain the following:

  • Artist Name (you may use an alternate “artist display name”)

  • Contact information – each of the following can be provided for your Artist Directory entry.  Only your email address is required for publication.  All remaining contact information is optional.  Please note that for security purposes, we do not publish phone numbers.

    • Artist Email

    • Website URL

    • Instagram Handle
    • Facebook Page

    • Studio Name

    • Studio Address

  • Your Artist Biography – a biography helps people get to know you, and you can explain a bit about yourself and your work.  Your biography can be up to 500 words in length.

  • Primary Medium – a brief description of the primary medium you work in.  This will be used on the artist listing page, following your primary artwork image and your name.

  • Artwork Category – you can choose 1 or more artwork categories that inform the viewer what overall categories of work you create.  Choose all categories that you regularly produce work in.  (You can further explain your work in your biography.)

  • Uploaded Image Files

    • A Primary Image is required.  This should be the main image you would like people to see.

    • A headshot image is optional.  Your headshot image can be just you, or your shot can include yourself along with your artwork.

    • You can supply up to 4 additional artwork images to help viewers appreciate the breadth or depth of your work.

At some point in the future, we may also be able to include your exhibition history with the Artists Council - the list of exhibitions you have been part of, along with an image of the artwork accepted into the exhibition. (This option will not be available in the first edition of the Artist Directory.)



How do I initially create my Artist Directory entry?


All members of the Artists Council can create an initial Artist Directory entry by clicking this button.

Your initial entry starts with your $35 subscription via a credit card payment.  If you are not an Artist Council Member, you can include your membership fee in your payment, or if your Artists Council membership has expired you can renew your membership within the same form.

Artists can maintain only 1 subscription in the Artists Council Directory. 

If you had previously purchased an ad in the Membership Book, we have saved your information as a preliminary entry in the Artist Directory.  In this case, click the link above, and you can review and update that information.

For those who are already a member of the Artists Council when you create your entry: you will be offered the option for a lower subscription price for a shorter subscription so that your Artist Directory expiration date can match your existing Artists Council membership expiration date.  For example, if your Artists Council membership expires in 6 months, you can sign up for a 6-month Artist Directory subscription at half the cost.  Both your membership and your subscription to the Artist Directory will then expire at the same time.



Can I update my Artist Directory entry?

As long as your Artist Directory subscription remains active, you can update your entry as often as needed.  If your Artist Directory subscription lapses, you can renew it with your next update.  (If you do not renew your subscription, your entry will be removed from the website.)

To update your existing Artist Directory entry, click the orange button above.



What type of images can I upload?

You can upload images of type JPG, JPEG, or PNG.  Your images should have a minimum size of 800x800 pixels for best results.

There is no upper limit to the pixel size of your images, but the file size of your images cannot exceed 5MB.  Large images may be resized downward to fit within the page or to reduce storage requirements for the Artists Council.  We will not resize your image below 2000 pixels on the longest side. 

We recommend uploading images that are square, or close to square.  Very tall and thin (or short and wide) images will not look as good when displayed together as a group.

Note:  viewers will initially see smaller “thumbnail” versions of your images but can click on any image to see a larger version.



Review and Approval Process for your Artist Directory Entry

You will receive an initial email confirmation each time you update your entry, that says we have received your update.  A second email will contain a link to a temporary preview page, where you can see your page's appearance once it is approved.

Your entry will then be reviewed for content (normally within 7 days, unless we have a backlog), including spelling, grammar, etc.  If no changes are needed to your entry, it will be approved for publication and you will receive an approval notification by email.  If minor changes are needed (for example, spelling or grammar problems) we will correct your entry for you, then approve it.

If your changes are more significant or if there are problems with your entry images, we will mark your entry as “Changes Needed” and then send you an email notification explaining what is needed.  You can then update your entry and resubmit it for review.

Once your entry is approved, it will be published online within 24 hours – usually, the following day by 7am. 




What is involved in the Approval Process?

Prior to publication, we will review your entry to ensure it conforms to our Artist Directory content guidelines.  Mostly, we will review your medium description, biography, and your images.

Your biography should focus on you and your work, so please keep this focused and within 500 words. The Artists Council will remove wording that is not relevant to you as an artist or your work.

In addition, your images may not contain any text (such as contact information).  You may, however, include your name and/or a watermark if desired.  For more information on artwork that cannot be accepted, please see our artwork policy.



Can viewers purchase my artwork through the Artist Directory?

No.  The Artist Directory will not function as a store or online sales gallery.  Our main purpose is to promote you and your work – this is one of the perks of being an AC member.


If you have questions about the Artist Directory, or membership or exhibition questions, contact the Artists Council at


For general information about the Artists Council, go to our website at

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