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Tips on using the Volunteer Calendar

To assist Ambassadors and staff in using the Volunteer Portal, we have recently made it easy to see the entire Volunteer Calendar online.

You can access the Volunteer Calendar directly from the Ambassador's section of the Volunteer Portal.  (For your convenience, you can also access it HERE.)

For your privacy, this calendar is not available to the general public.  Before opening this page, you will be asked to enter a Guest Area password.  If you don't have the password, please contact Lynn York (volunteers@artistscouncil) who will give it to you.

All current Ambassador and Artist Hosts volunteer shifts are then displayed in a monthly calendar format.  Here are a few tips for using the calendar:

  1. Because of the number of work shifts we are trying to display at one time, it may be difficult for you to view the calendar on a cell phone, or even on a tablet.  A laptop or desktop computer monitor will give you the best viewing experience.

  2. Ambassador work shifts appear in orange, while Artist Host work shifts appear in blue.  These are preceded by "AM" (indicating the 10am-1pm shift) or by "PM" (indicating the 1pm-4pm shift).  All other work shifts are considered Special Events, and appear in green.  They are preceded by the start and end time of the event.

  3. Even on a large screen, there may not be enough room for you to see everything at first.  For days when there are many work shifts, you may see something like
    "+ 2 more" or "+ 5 more" links, which indicate there are more work shifts that are hidden.  Click or tap the "more" link to show a popup box with the entire schedule with all volunteers for that day.   


  4. Each special event work shift shows the times, the volunteer name, and the name of the event.  This may not all fit on the screen, and in this situation you'll see "..." at the end of the entry to indicate more info is hidden.  To see the entire entry, just click or tap that one entry.  So tapping this entry for Greer Rice:

    will show this:


  5. On some computers, you may be able display the calendar "full screen", which will give you a view of everything but you may need to scroll left or down to see everything.  To display the calendar in Full Screen mode, click the arrows icon in the upper left corner of the calendar.  If your computer does not allow full screen mode, the icon will not appear.


  6. The calendar displays just one month at a time, starting with the current month.  To advance to the next month or go back to a previous month, click or tap the arrow direction icons:


  7. Finally, this calendar is for display purposes only - you cannot make changes to your work assignments from here.  If you need to cancel or reschedule your work assignments, go back to the email confirmation you received for that work shift.  You'll find Cancel and Reschedule buttons in that email.  (If you can no longer locate the email confirmation, send an email to Lynn York ( or Steve Revis ( and they will be able to cancel or reschedule your shift.

We hope you find this calendar to be a useful addition to the Volunteer Portal!

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