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About This Show...

The Prime Time POP-UP Show and Sale is a new concept for the Artists Council. We drew from artwork already on display virtually in our website's Member Gallery to create a new installation in our building. Member Gallery artists who wished to participate in person registered for this special show following the prospectus below. Their artwork was hanging on the walls at the Artists Center at the Galen from December 1 - 21, 2021. Unfortunately, due to a combination of rain damage in the building and new Covid concerns in the community, we made the difficult decision to shut down the Artists Center from Christmas 2021 until January 19, 2022, thereby causing the Prime Time POP-UP in-person show to close early. However, you can still peruse and purchase the POP-UP artwork online in our virtual Member Gallery by clicking here.

NOTE: The Member Gallery features the work of more than 150 of our artists, but only those 70 marked with an asterisk (*) are participating this time around in the Prime Time POP-UP Show and Sale.  


Artists Council Member Gallery

In-Person Pop-Up Show and Sale

December 1, 2021, through January 16, 2022

Artist Center at the Galen in Palm Desert

In Person to December 21, then continuing online to January 16


Artists are constantly growing, developing, and experimenting. This process results in exciting new works. Meanwhile, inside our new home at the Artists Center at the Galen, the Artists Council wants to offer our member artists occasional opportunities for in-person displays of their work, which also will help us meet our goal of keeping artwork on the walls in between regular exhibitions. Hence the concept of a “POP-UP” show. To introduce the POP-UP concept, we plan to feature a collection already in the works: the Artists Council Member Gallery. Thus, we invite our current Member Gallery participants to submit one piece in person (from the artwork already featured online on our website) to our very first PRIME TIME POP-UP Show and Sale in-person at the Artists Center. 

If you want to review which piece you currently have in the Member Gallery, you can find it online at: Please note: While we welcome more entries to the Member Gallery throughout the year, the deadline was November 12th for entering or updating your Member Gallery artwork AND to have it be included in the POP-UP Show.



  • Register for this show here.  

  • Registration Fee: $35 for entering your Member Gallery artwork to the in-person show

  • Pay with a major credit card via the online application form

  • Only one artwork per applicant will be accepted into the show; we will intake ONLY those pieces already participating in the online Member Gallery.

  • Some artists now have two pieces in the Member Gallery; this is because unsold artworks that were part of last summer’s “Hot Times – Cool Art” Virtual Exhibition and Sale were rolled over into the Member Gallery as per that exhibition’s prospectus. If you do have a second piece in the Member Gallery, please let us know which artwork you want to submit to this Pop-Up Show by identifying the title in your registration form.



  • Last Day to Enter or Update Your Member Gallery Artwork:  Friday, November 12, 2021

  • Registration Deadline for the Pop-Up Show: Wednesday, November 17, by midnight PDT.

  • Drop Off: Monday, November 29, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., at the Artists Center at the Galen

  • Show Open:  Wednesday, December 1, 2021

  • Pick up of unsold works: Friday, January 14, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.



Artwork must be:

  • Currently hanging virtually in the Member Gallery.

  • If your artwork has sold OR if you would like to switch out your art piece, please submit a new one to the virtual Member Gallery no later than Friday, November 12, 2021. Cost of new entry, for one year, is $10. You then still need to pay the additional $35 fee for participation in the in-person PRIME TIME POP-UP (to help cover our costs of mounting this show).

  • Follow the Member Gallery Prospectus (click here) for submitting a new or alternate piece online.

  • Ready for hanging or installation, professionally presented, and meet the following additional requirements.


Other Requirements:

  • All works on paper must be protected by glass or Plexiglass.

  • Works on canvas or other materials must be finished on the edges.

  • Two-dimensional artwork must be wired for hanging. No saw-tooth hangers or ceiling mounts will be accepted.

  • No refund of fees will be made after submission.

  • Artwork will hang during the entirety of the show.


  • Artwork must  be delivered to the Artists Center at the Galen in Palm Desert by the artist or his/her agent on Monday, Nov 29, 2021, between 9 am and 12 noon.

  • Artwork shipped to the Artists Center will not be accepted.

  • The Artists Council cannot provide special handling for artwork.



  • Artwork must be available for sale.

  • Sale price must be between $300 and $8,000. Please note: no change to the sale price will be made after submission.

  • Proceeds from the sale of artwork in the PRIME TIME POP-UP Show will continue to follow the guidelines of the Member Gallery and, thus, will be split 70% (artist) / 30% (Artists Council), excluding sales tax.

  • If your work sells during the show, you must provide a US Taxpayer ID number (Social Security Number) and a current W-9 form.

  • Buyers are responsible for picking up the artwork they purchase and for any shipping and all associated expenses for artwork after purchase. Sales tax will be added to the sale price and paid by the buyer. If the buyer is not in town on January 17, 2022, then the artist will be expected to assist with pick up and shipment/delivery.

  • The artist or his/her agent is responsible for picking up or shipping unsold works.



  • By submitting to the Artists Council PRIME TIME POP-UP Show and Sale, the artist acknowledges and agrees that he/she:

  • Has read and agrees to all conditions of entry.

  • Releases rights for use of images of his/her artwork in any Artists Council promotional and marketing materials.

  • Is responsible for insurance for his/her artwork. Neither the Artists Council and its officers, directors, staff, or volunteers; nor anyone connected with the PRIME TIME POP-UP Show will be responsible for loss or damage to artwork, however caused. All exhibiting artists will be required to sign a liability waiver at the time of artwork drop-off.

  • The Artists Council reserves the right to refuse any artwork that is not of acceptable quality, does not match the submitted entry image, or does not meet framing or finishing criteria, or any other requirements stated above.



If you have membership or show questions, please contact the Artists Council at For information about the Artists Council, go to our website at

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