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Prospectus: Artists Council Member Gallery 2022

The Artists Council Member Gallery was created by the AC to give our members an online platform to both display and sell their artwork. We encourage you to participate in the AC Member Gallery. Please read the prospectus below and follow the instructions. Thank you! 



- You must be an Artists Council member to submit your artwork for posting in the AC Member Gallery. To join or renew your membership, please go to:   

- Artwork must meet the following requirements:

  • Artwork is limited to 2- and 3-dimensional work. No video work can be accepted at this time.

  • Artwork must be available for sale.

  • Sale price must be between $300 and $8,000. 

  • Please label your work carefully. Once a work is submitted, no title, size, medium, image or price changes can be made. 

  • Images must be in JPEG format.  For image guidelines, please refer to: 

  • File size should not exceed 5MB. 



  • Only one piece per artist may be displayed in the Member Gallery at one time.

  • You may submit one primary image of your artwork and an optional secondary detail image of the same artwork if you wish.

  • Before you can submit your artwork to the Member Gallery, you must pay an entry/administrative fee of $10.

  • You can start the submission process by using this direct link: click here

  • If you need assistance filling out the submission form, please review this helpful 15-min video demonstration.

  • You also will be required to submit a current W-9 form if your artwork sells.  Instructions will be available for how to do this online at the appropriate time.

By submitting artwork to the Artists Council Member Gallery, the artist acknowledges and agrees that he/she:

  • Has read and agrees to all conditions of entry.

  • Releases rights for use of images of his/her artwork on the Member Gallery website and in any other Artists Council promotional and marketing materials.

  • Is responsible for insurance for his/her sold artwork during the time of delivery.  

The Artists Council reserves the right to refuse any artwork. In this rare instance, the entry/administrative fee will be returned.



  • Artwork will remain posted in the gallery for up to one year. 

  • If your artwork sells, you may replace it with a new piece for another $10 administrative fee. In that case, you would need to repeat the submission process for the new piece.

  • Proceeds from any sale (excluding sales tax) will be split 70-30 between the artist and the Artists Council (to support programs and operations).

  • Because this is a gallery, submitted artwork must be exclusive to the Artists Council for one year. You may post the artwork on your own website for the same price, but if it sells during the one-year timeframe, we request that you honor your agreement with the AC.

  • Buyers will purchase the artwork online via the Artists Council website’s homepage. 

  • Both members and the general public will be able to view the gallery on the homepage.

  • When a buyer orders a piece and pays through the AC website, we will notify the artist within 5 business days of a sale.

  • The sales tax will be added to the sales price and paid by the buyer online.



  • The Artists Council will notify the artist within 5 business days of a sale. We then will put the artist in touch with the buyer. 

  • Artist is responsible for arranging delivery to the buyer, with any shipping costs to be paid by the buyer. Ideally, deliveries within the Coachella Valley will be handled in person by the artist, at no charge to the buyer.

  • Artists are responsible for insurance during delivery of any sold artwork.

  • Any installation or other services that the buyer asks for would be at additional cost, to be arranged privately between the artist and buyer. 

  • The Artists Council will request that the buyer notify the AC once delivery is complete. 

  • We will process payment to you after we confirm that we have your W-9 form. If we don’t have your form on file, you will need to submit a new form at this time.

  • Payment to the artist of his/her 70% net of the sales price will be made by check mailed to the artist’s address as listed in the AC member files. If you have some other address where you wish to receive a check, please let us know when we notify you of a sale.

  • Payment checks will be mailed out directly from Wells Fargo Bank within 5 business days after the AC receives the buyer’s confirmation that delivery of the artwork was complete AND after we confirm receipt of your W-9 form.


If you have membership or exhibition questions, please contact the Artists Council at For general information about the Artists Council, go to our website at

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