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Our MEMBER GALLERY has been created to give Artists Council members an online platform not only to show their work, but also to sell it. Each member can submit one piece that can remain up for one year, with the option of putting in a new entry when artwork is sold. Each submission requires a fee of $10 to help us cover the website maintenance costs.


We have set up an online process for submitting entries. More details and instructions can be found in the MEMBER GALLERY PROSPECTUS. You can submit at any time, and we will let you know when your work is up in the gallery, usually within one week of submission.


Here is the direct link for members to submit artwork to the Member Gallery:  SUBMIT


We encourage all Artists Council members to be represented in the Member Gallery!

To view and purchase artwork in the online Member Gallery, click HERE.

To view Artist Highlight, featured each month in our member newsletter, click HERE.

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