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Welcome Home

Artists Center at the Galen
Doors open October 15, 2021


 "I look forward to supporting the Artists Council at the Galen." Helene Galen 

Please join the Artists Council for a virtual Housewarming Celebration!

We appeal for your support in purchasing all the necessary items, large and small,

needed to open our doors for our community promoting member artists, 

staging exhibitions, and producing educational programs and events.

From gallery lighting to spot & floodlight bulbs,

tissue to tools, chairs & tables, easels to mops,

exterior and interior signs, TV monitors, lecterns & band-aids,

trash cans, hand carts, Wi-Fi, telephone equipment and microphones,

refrigerator, coffee pot, sound amplification, safety & health protocol equipment,

velvet ropes and red carpet.


Our goal is to raise $100,000.

Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted.

Click here to make a contribution.

The Artists Council is a non-profit organization and relies on support from the community, in addition to grants, benevolences, art sales and your commitment to our programs that serve students, art lovers, patrons, sponsors and the community at large.

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