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Artists Council Holiday POP-UP Store

Event date: December 1 through December 23, 2022



Submission DEADLINE:  AUGUST 30, 2022 – 10:59 PM (PDT)


Dear Artists Council Members:

Previously, you received an announcement email regarding the upcoming December Holiday POP-UP Retail Store opportunity at the Artists Center at the Galen. The who, where, when, what, next and now concept, as well as the concept overview, all were shared in that email. We hope you’ve had the opportunity to visualize your art being included in this specialty boutique store, which will offer high-quality, unique, handmade member art to our holiday visitors.


The following is an outline of how to participate: project overview, scope for item consideration by category, criteria for consideration, process for submitting items, process for the selection of items for the Holiday POP-UP Store, management of inventory, accounting, and other important details.


The communication you are receiving today is the first step in a 5-step selection process.  This is not our usual exhibition selection process – it is more typical to the retail merchandising world. An overview of what to expect in the selection process (with due dates) is included below. 


In general:

  • The Selection Committee will first select artists to participate (based on in-person or Zoom meetings where you can show us samples of your current work). 

  • Once artists have been selected, we will then ask for more detailed information about each art item you are proposing to submit.  The Selection Committee will review these proposals and make final Art Item selections.


Please respond as early as you can to each step.  The sooner we can get you through the selection process, the more time you will have to create your artwork.  If you are not selected, we will keep your information available for future store opportunities.








Once you have accepted the consignment order, your creative period begins!  You should be producing the work that you have committed to delivering (if you don’t have them already available). 

Please expect to deliver your Art Items to the Artists Center on Saturday, October 29, 2022 (details will be provided in your artist selection letter).






There are five retail categories of merchandise we are seeking:


1. Books – publications written or illustrated by the artist.


2. Paper - Paper category includes note cards, holiday gift tags, journals, and other  items made from paper.

            a. Notecard designs must be on standard size art card size stock with                      appropriate size envelopes (3.5”x5”, 4.5x5.75”, 5”x7”, 5.8”x6”) to fit into the              card racks provided by the AC.

            b. Notecards should be blank inside.

            c. Notecards must be in appropriate size acetate sleeves for protection.

            d. Sorry, at this time, art prints cannot be accommodated.

3. Artful Home Decor - Pottery, sculpture, glass, metal, and wood objects are included in this category and must be original designs.  Holiday ornaments may also be included in this category.

            a. Please limit the size of decorative home items to 10” tall and 10” wide.                  Due to the size of the store, small items are preferred, BUT if you are an                  artist who creates unusual vases or sculptures, we are considering 10” x10”              maximum sized pieces of art.

            b.  All artwork must be original art created by the artist submitting the work.               c.  Artwork must be “ready to sell” and stand on its own.

            d. Sorry, at his time we are not able to accommodate wall art.

            e. Tableware items must meet California regulations for food safety and                    include use and care instructions.


4. Jewelry Art

            a. The following materials are acceptable for use in jewelry art:

                1. Findings and beads shall be gold (list karat), sterling silver,                  

                 Argenteum silver, gold-filled (list karat), gold vermeil, silver filled, surgical

                 steel, brass, bronze, copper and pewter.  All other plated metals shall be

                 identified. Other hand-crafted items will be approved on a case-by-case


                 2. Gemstones, authentic or otherwise, must be identified.

                 3. Glass seed beads and lamp work beads are acceptable.

                 4. Dichroic glass is acceptable.

            b. There shall be no unidentified metal findings, accent beads, or metal

            covered plastic beads.

            c. Other hand-crafted materials will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

            d. All materials used must be listed on a tag to clearly identify what was

            used to create the piece.

            e. Handmade beads and findings are encouraged, as is fine beadwork,

            wirework and original design objects.

            f. Accommodations for clothing and jewelry (depending on price point)

            display options will be discussed with the artist at time of selection. A single

            locking case will be available for semi-precious jewelry.


5. Wearable Art

             a. Embellished clothing may only be approved for display as determined by

             the Selection Committee.

             b. Appropriate labels with fabric content and care must accompany the


             c. Accommodations for clothing and jewelry (depending on price point)

             display options will be discussed with the artist at the time of selection.



1. Submit your artist application to the store
                           To begin your Artist Application, click

2. Up to 2 photos (taken from your phone or scanned) per category will be accepted. Consider showing multiple items in your photos; at this step in the process, we are wanting to get an overview of your talent for creating smaller hand-made items ready to sell. If you have a website, please include as a reference only.


3. If you are selected as an artist, you will provide detailed Art Item information for your proposed artwork as a second step.



You must be a member of the Artists Council to enter.  If you wish to join or renew your membership, please do so first by clicking here.


Please note:  A current membership status is required through the run of the show, in other words, to the end of December 31, 2022.






After your selection as an artist, the Selection Committee will review your proposed items, retail ticket the items (per the agreed retail price) and merchandise the items for sale in the POP-UP Holiday store.



1. By submitting to the Artists Council Holiday POP-UP Show and Sale, the artist acknowledges and agrees that he/she has read and agrees to all conditions of entry.

2. The artist releases rights for use of images of his/her artwork in any Artists Council promotional and marketing materials.


3. The artist is fully responsible for insurance for his/her artwork, and neither the Artists Council and its officers, directors, staff, or volunteers nor anyone connected with the event will be responsible for loss or damage to artwork, however caused. In-store measures will be established to minimize loss or damage. The AC is intending to be a responsible steward of the items displayed for sale.  All participating artists will be required to sign a liability waiver at the time of artwork drop-off.


4. The Artists Council reserves the right to refuse any artwork that is not of acceptable quality, does not match the submitted entry image, or does not meet framing or finishing criteria, or any other requirements stated above.



1. The retail price range is between $5 - $1500. The artist/AC split is 50%/50%. The wholesale price range (artist portion of sale) would be $2.50 - $750. Please note: No change to the sale price will be made after the Consignment Purchase Order is processed.


2. Inventory selected will be placed on a Consignment Contract Purchase Order. The items will remain on consignment throughout the event (December 1 - 23, 2022). An accounting of items sold between December 1-23 will be tallied. The total items sold will be communicated to each artist in a sales report that will be sent by January 6, 2023.


3. The artwork retail price MUST be the same as on your website or as otherwise promoted.


4. Payment for items sold will be distributed in January, 2023.





1. Artist will be responsible for delivering the selected items to the Galen. Delivery instructions will be included in the Consignment Purchase Order.


2. The items that do not sell will need to be picked up by the artist on a pickup date, which we will schedule in January (exact date TBD).




4. Artwork will be displayed during the entirety of the Holiday POP-UP event (December 1-23, 2022). Your artist application will be reviewed by the Selection Committee/Store Team through September 1, 2022, and your proposed Art Items will be reviewed from Sept 8 to Sept 28.  The team will review photos and written details in a timely fashion. You will receive a Consignment Order by the end of September if the Selection Committee has determined that the art work fits into the Holiday Store esthetic. Store fit will be based on category, availability, price, and retail suitability.


5. Please know, if your items are not selected for this POP-UP experiment, we will keep your information in a database for future projects. It will be important to submit so you are included in this database.


6. Once items are delivered and received at the Artist Center, they must remain at the Artist Center for the duration of the event. Items cannot be withdrawn.  A pickup date for unsold items will be scheduled in January.



1. Details regarding delivery specifics for selected items will be provided during the Consignment Purchase Order process. The Consignment Purchase Order process is the fifth step in the submission process listed above.


2. Once unpacked, the artwork must be ready to be placed on the selling floor and ready to sell.


3. The AC will ticket the items prior to placing the items on the selling floor.



If you have store-related questions, please contact



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