Gallery Sitting


To signup for a gallery sitting appointment for Homage to Collage, click here.



You will see the current schedule for gallery sitting, which might look something like this:

Gallery Sitting 1.jpg

Days that are available to schedule appear in a blue circle (other days are either completely booked, or the Artists Center is closed).  If you want to see a different month, use the forward and backward arrows found in the upper right corner of the page.

Click on a date to see what time(s) are available.  You can choose either a 10am start time (running to 1pm) or a 1pm start time (running to 4pm).

Gallery Sitting 2.jpg

Choose the starting time you prefer by clicking the box, then click CONFIRM.  You can then enter your name and your email address.  If you want reminders via text message, also enter your cell phone number.

To finish, click SCHEDULE EVENT.  This completes your signup.  You will get a confirmation of your appointment in your email.

Thank you for assisting the Artists Council's exhibitions!